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Thread: Update 20/21.07.2016

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    Update 20/21.07.2016

    Hello everybody,
    We're updating the game today and tomorrow. We try to do it this time without a client-update. Because of this, all changes will be deployed one after another. Here is the IGM text that will be send after everything is finished.

    "Hello ##USER##
    We have just updated UnitedGP.

    To make sure that in the future there are more real users driving against each other, we have completely redone the matchmaking. From now on all users in the same racing class drive against each other (Ace and Legend will keep driving together). To keep it fair, we have either dramatically reduced the level needed to produce components or switch levelt requirements for racing class requirements. Users of the class PRO for example from now on can only produce parts up to TIER level 9. For advancing in the ACE classes there will be additional large research point rewards to close the research gap.

    Many pointless quests have been removed and some quests were adjusted slightly.

    For some achievements the requirements were adjusted. The category "Custom races" has been removed due to lack of interest.

    The component upgrades have been slightly strengthened.

    From now on cups last 3 days again. The ticket rewards have been reduced slightly, but in return the cooldown for a free ticket has been reduced greatly (4 instead of 8 hours).

    The influence of actions on the tyre durability has been adjusted slightly. The negative effect (with 2 actions) and the positive effect (with 1 action) have been increased.

    Other changes
    - Base strength of a car cannot be undercut by setting a really bad setup
    - Indicator for expired employee contracts (For browser first, app following in the next days)
    - Indicator before the race start to show if the setup has been set perfectly (For browser first, app following in the next days)
    - Other small bug fixes and improvements

    Good luck!

    Your UnitedGP team"

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    Additional note:
    The base amount of actions per race has been reduced by 3 for ACE and LEGEND.

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