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Thread: New Matchmaking

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    New Matchmaking

    Hello everybody,
    as you all know, the biggest issue of UGP is to find real player opponents to race against. Even with the long lobby time of 60 seconds there are still races with just one real player (and winning against the bots is not a big challenge). To adress and solve this problem, we have to make a big change.

    At the moment, the players are matched via their player level +/-10 and their race class (exception: ACE and LEGEND race together).

    This will be changed with the next update in the following way:

    - All players of a race class will enter the same lobby (exception: ACE and LEGEND race together)
    - The race class of the user defines the components he can produce with 2 exceptions:
    - the highest TIER level 17 has a player level cap as well to give long time users a tiny advantage
    - same for components in advanced class as this is more of a tutorial class
    - Pro Users with high player level (>30) can't produce TIER 10-12 anymore

    Our goal is to fill every race at least with 3-4 real players. Hopefully this change lets us reduce the lobby time as well.

    More information about this will follow in the upcoming days!

    Feel free to share your thoughts about this. I know this is a big change but the current matchmaking is not very fair (because of the level offset) and the fillrate of the races with real players is not very satisfying.

    Race on,
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