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Thread: UGP on a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone?

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    UGP on a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone?

    Hi Tim, since a few weeks I have a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone and I tried to start UGP on it but I get only the website.
    The game itself didn't start and there is no Login-Button. Is there a solution to run it on these smartphones in the edge-browser?

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    Game is not available for windows phones. I don't think there is a way to run it on such devices.

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    Ok, I think it's because of too less players who own such a smartphone. So for me there is less time to play your game and more time for other things... Isn't too bad at all...

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    Unfortunately the flash plugin is banned from all mobile devices. So we have to use apps instead. However, UGP is only available for tablet devices at the moment. I'm currently trying to port it for android smartphones but there is no (technicat) possibility to make a Windows App from UGP, I'm sorry...

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    Ok, thank you for this information, Tim. Microsoft produces no longer windows phones for private users. I was not very amused to hear about that because I bought one a few weeks ago...
    If I find a solution I will let you know...

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    Tim, what about the Islandwood Bridge and the UWP concept in general?

    The Islandwood Bridge would allow you to turn any iOS app into an (UWP) Windows app. Then you'd have at least a normal Windows 10 app for the Microsoft Store and would not be dependend on the (dying) Flash Player / Browser on any device anymore. And if it's an UWP app it should also run on any Windows 10 Phone.

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    Did'nt know about that yet. Thanks for this Information, suckerp. I'll have a look on it and give it a try.
    I'll post my experiences and results soon...

    ...ok, after a first look on it, it seems that to convert an iOS-app with the Islandwood Bridge in Visual Studio the source code(X-Code) of the iOS-app is needed. And just for simple apps there are several adaptations necessary, for example display output, etc.

    I'd like to try that but without any source code there is nothing to do for me. And Dev-Tim has sure other important things to do...

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    unfortunately this is not possible. UGP is written in Actionscript/Flash and packed for Android and iOs and this is just not possible for Windows phones. As I see it, the bridge converts native code but UGP is not written in native ios/android language. Besides, there are several native plugins we're using which can't be converted neither, sorry :/

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