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Thread: Update Apr 6th 2016

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    Thumbs up Update Apr 6th 2016

    Don't like the new changes.
    They make the game more like a game that is Formula One flavored, rather than a game that allows you to imagine you're actually part of a Formula One season.
    Like after you do a practice session, it still says, "All sliders are set perfectly," instead of saying, "All settings are perfect," or, "All adjustments feel right." (From an earlier update.)
    In Formula One you have your chance at a track, you get your result then you move on to the next track.
    In a game you can hop around to whatever track you're in the mood for.

    I like what allows me to imagine I'm in Forumla One. I don't like what makes it just a game.
    I don't need to be reminded it's just a game for a little entertainment and fun. It's more fun for me if I can imagine I'm really there.

    Counting half the season was better. Because it is just a game. It allowed real life to interrupt people's game play without much penalty. Making the whole season count is too much demand from only a game when real life always has priority over just a game. Real life is not playing a game because you should really study for an exam. Real life is also dropping everything because your wife just went into labor.
    When real life calls, it shouldn't be a penalty in a game.
    Likewise, players shouldn't be given advantage because real life never calls them.

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    did you understand that you now have 48 hours to do a race on each of the season tracks? With this update we actually made it much more easier to play UGP and have a "real life" beside it... We had big issues with users compalining about the season results. They just didn't understand that only half the results count. It is much more realistic and "formula 1-like" now with each track counting for the overall season result...

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    Yes, I understand what is happening with the change. It's the jumping around from track to track I don't like.
    I liked your old solution for allowing real life to take priority on the game. The races happened in order and you could miss half the season due to real life needs and only lose time to collect wins for the tiebreaker. The new solution may actually allow more time for real life, although requiring more race time at some point to get the racing done, but I'd like it better if drivers had to go through the season in order. So they can race as many times as they want on track #1, but when they move to track #2, they can't go back and race again on track #1. And so on through the 10th track. This would mean that any given time, only one series track would count towards wins in the season instead of 2 or 4 depending on if it's near the end of the season or not.
    I've changed my thinking a little about the series though. The series is more fun requiring racing on 4 different tracks. Takes more time setting up between races to set up for a new track each time. But that makes it easier to imagine it's F1 so I can't really complain about that. But I'd still like the series better if it required drivers to race the tracks in the same order, determined by the game ptbs, instead of jumping around and racing the tracks in any order they choose.
    Thinking of it as just an entertaining race game, instead of a fantasy escape into the world of F1, I spend more time setting up and less time racing for the series, which is bad, but other than that all the new stuff is fun. I just like it to be fun and easy to have a fantasy escape into the world of F1.

    Hey, what did you think about the idea of changing the game expression, "All sliders are set perfectly," to something a driver might say to his crew chief, like "the car is really dialed in chief!". Well, the Formula One equivalent of that, which is something an American driver might say. ;-)


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    @Enzo Swift

    The difference between old and new one is that you now have 48 hours for two tracks. After this time there are two new tracks and you can't go back to the tracks before. At any time you have only 4 tracks to fly around. In sum you have 10 tracks per season like before the update. Not more tracks but more time for each track. For people like me who are working in germany it was only possible to race every second track before the update because during the other half of tracks we were at work. So the new mode with 48 hours per track is the perfect solution for all race managers all over the world.
    And if you want you can play as before. Race one track for twelve hours and fly then to the next. you need no flying around and you need not more time as before the update for race season.

    In race series you need not more time as before for setups because if you have found your perfect setup it will be fixed for the rest of active time of the track in race season(up to 48 hours).
    In each race series every 3 hours the tracks are the same and the setups are the same until two tracks change after 24 hours. Then you have to find new setups for the two new tracks and they keep perfect for 48 hours. The other two tracks have the same perfect setups for another 24 hours.
    And hey, if you take the video-clip there are about 30 seconds to find the perfect setup per track. So in sum you need about two minutes for the four tracks to find the perfect setups.

    So it's on your own, if you spent more time in the game as before the update.

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