Hallo Manager

Tomorrow we will perform an update of UnitedGP. For the update we will need a downtime of about 5 hours, starting at 7:00 am (UTC).

Here an overview of the changes:

World map
Starting now you will always have four tracks available on which you can drive a race. With the world map you can switch between the tracks, and he you also see which results you have already achieved for your current race series or season. Every 24 hours two of the four tracks are exchanged so that each track is available for 48 hours.

Race series
In each race series you now have to drive on four different tracks, so that the race series are now much more diverse. On the world map you can see where you still have to drive a race.

From now on all track rankings count towards your season ranking, not half as before. In the season calendar and on the world map you can see which results you have already reached and which ones you can still improve.

To create more balanced races we have added a base value for each race class that sets how many actions you can use as a minimum. On top of that the actions are more powerful, but the durations are shorter. This gives you more control at what point exactly during a race you want to play it.

Other changes
The action tyre treatment now works as shown: The percent value now shows much longer the tyres will approximately last.
The high level upgrades have been weakened, but only the ones that are purchased from now on. With this upgrades stay an important factor, but they will not make cars unbeatable anymore.

Have fun and good luck!

Your UnitedGP team