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Thread: Slight troubles

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    Slight troubles

    Am I the only one to experience this? The difference in performance is increasing dramatically in the upper levels. Someone in legend at level 99 is able to produce much better parts than someone at level 85. Yet, if you are level 85 you will experience that you do races together with a whole bunch of 99 guys. this is disgustingly unfair. There is a huge competition at level 99 whereas through the seventies and eighties people are merely progressing through the stages at a lower level of competition. therefore, i'd recommend taking level 99 out of the progressing phase for the young guns coming up. Don't join the full-on pros with someone at level 88 or 89 as it means 200 races with very slight chances of victory for them only on behalf of not being able to produce the same components as level 99 players.

    You may say we've all been there but no, i disagree! the more players we have at level 99 the harder it gets to equal them. there
    is always tough competition.

    You may say what's he complaining about? An 85 player cannot join a 99 player in a race! Yes, he can! If the room has been created by someone at level 92 even an 84 player could join the two of them. So basically, the 85 player is screwed!

    Either separate level 99 from the rest or finish level advancing at a distinct "final level" that does not compete against the rest for the above reasons. Or simply extend the ladder over the existing 99 levels. Who said that there can't be more

    What does everyone think about this?

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    I'm now fresh on Level 99. And each Level you climb up, you can produce better parts as the drivers 8 Level below you. So they can say, why may I race against you, you are 8 level above me. And the better the parts the more expensive are these better parts. I myself don't use ever the best parts, because it's too expensive and they are only a bit better, not worth it in my opinion.
    What the more difference makes, are more actions to activate and component upgrades with stars. Stars from reaching achievements or from buying with real money. These upgrades make the cars so much better. In combination with many actions(up to 15 or 16 with 100 stars) and probably premium tyres they are near unbeatable.
    At the moment we have to live with it how it is. Hopefully with one of the future patches it will get better.

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    I just think a hard level cap of +/- 5 level calculated from the lowest level driver in race would fix this problem once and for all. 8 level is just slightly too much.

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    Not really. With money you can buy stars. And with stars you can skill faster to get maximum actions earlier and you can buy with stars component upgrades which maximize the PP of your car. And that has nothing to do with the level.
    The components itselves are not much better in the higher levels(1-2PP each next better component). One component upgrade gets actual 12 or 15PP more for 50 stars.
    Maybe a PP-cap will be the solution. But with lower PP- or level caps you will probably get much more bot races as now.

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