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    Sorry if there's already a thread for posting unfair occurences or items, didn't see it.

    A new track just started an hour and a half ago. (Sochi) I just started a new season. It didn't start me at Sochi as track one, it dumped me into a season already in progress. The first track was Suzuka, which I have no chance to race because it closed an hour and a half ago. It started me with track 2, Sochi, which is an hour and a half old. I only get to race on 9 tracks. Everyone else gets to race on 10 tracks. I also got robbed of one track during the time period I can log into the game more often. I get 5 tracks that I only have a window big enough to race once or twice. I get 4 tracks where I can race as many times as I need to. Well up to about 15 or 20. Is this a new update or is this a mistake?
    I already thought the new update was unfair not making everyone wait until all racers had joined the season. It's unfair advantage to the players who join the season just after a track opens. It gives them extra time on that track.
    If this was a mistake, is there any way to correct this? I had my race and got lucky, got my 43 points for track 2. Because of my schedule, I have to start a season Sunday evening and finish it Friday afternoon to get a chance to race on all ten tracks. I can't race Friday night or Saturday or Sunday morning.


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    this is no bug but a change from the last update. The reason for this was because of missunderstandings concerning the start of the season. We had a lot of complaints about points don't count for season just because the season didn't start right after users clicked the "join" button. The disadvantage in with the "new" mechanic (season might alrady be running) isn't that big, because only half of the season results (the best) count for the overall rating.

    However: this will be solved with the next update! Every manager will have the chance to race on each track of a season.

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    Instead of worrying about the time the race starts and the 12 hr period it's available, why not just say " you have these two races in this 24 hr period". So now you know you have to race ( just example ) London and Canada starting at 0100 utc and it will change 24 hours later to the next 2 tracks. i don't like having races expire at 0800 my time, so in a season I usually miss at least two races that are running from 2000-0800 . This plan would fix it for everybody . Think about it and tell me why this can't be done. I'm open to suggestions.

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    The problem with this is: the track change needs to be at the very same time arround the world. So for some peaople it will be in the middle of the night, for other peaople it is mid day. You missed some races in the past because we had a bug with this. If you enter a season you will always have at least 11 hours for the first two tracks. So if you enter a season and go straight to bed to take a 10 hour nap you might have a problem But why enter a season before you go to bed anyway

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    Hadn't thought about that until I saw your comments. It does give great advantage to players who are awake at track change, when the season ends.
    Players used to be able to choose from two end times that were 12 hours apart so they could pick their end time based on when they would be awake.
    Now with only one end time, there is no choice. Some players will be sleeping when the season ends and be at a great disadvantage.
    Must be a simple way to give players a choice of two end times that are 12 hours apart so at least one is when they are awake.

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    Thumbs up More things that are unfair

    May 9, 2016 update
    The Cup
    With the present rules, he who races the most series wins the cup.
    If the goal is to encourage players to spend more money, they wil definitely be rewarded for spending money. Whoever spends money to buy tickets buys advantage since they get to race more. Whoever has more time to play has advantage, even if they don't spend money by having 3 chances to race a day compared to 1 chance a day for many players.

    May 9, 2016 update
    The Cup
    Automatic entry in cup.
    Entering the cup competition should really be an option.
    Racing in the series is fun. But some players only want to race a series when their schedule permits which means they might race only one series in three days. Automatically entering them in the cup means condemning them to miserable cup statistics.
    It would be much more fair to let a player choose to enter the cup when they have time to race a few series over three straight days. And choose not to enter the cup when they don't have time so they can still have fun racing a series when they play.

    May 9, 2016 update
    Please have separate tickets for custom races and race series.
    Custom race tickets run out fast enough without having to spend them for other things.

    May 9, 2016 update
    Why have tickets at all for race series?
    They are fun. With the new rules I can only drive one every eight hours? That means I only get to drive one a day. Eight hours after I race the first one it's past my bedtime. I seldom have time to race a series in the morning. This relates to whoever races the most series getting unfair advantage buy buying extra tickets and racing more than once every eight hours and getting unfair advantage by having more time to race.

    May 9, 2016 update
    Change in time to run series.
    3 hours was a comfortable amount of time to race a series. It allowed for unexpected interruptions from real life.
    I've been told I don't prepare for a race fast enough. Well everyone has their own way of playing and enjoying the game. From garage to race results, it takes me 20 min to run a race on a new track. Longer if it has more than 15 laps. And that's when I hurry. When I run several races in a row on the same track, I'll go into autopilot during prep and take less time to run a race. But on a new track I like to look over my cars and go through the set up and check drivers and so on. At 20 min per race, that's 1 hour 20 min. 1 hour 30 min time limit on a race series only leaves a 10 min margin for error. One conversation and you only get 3 races in the series before it ends. If you add in the fact that all you have to do is start before time runs out, I have 30 min margin for error. But then you aren't relaxing and enjoying a game, you're racing against a deadline which is too much like work.

    Previous update
    Change in effectiveness of upgraded parts.
    You forgot tires when you change the effectiveness of upgraded parts and unbalanced the game.
    My experience racing against star tires is that they give a car between 150 and 200 performance bonus, closer to 200 than 150. A car with performance near 400 can outperform a car with over 500 performance and race competitively with a car around 550 performance, and make a car with 600 performance work for the win instead of taking it easy on the car to save parts.
    Advantage to players who buy star tires so they can use them every race. They don't have to buy upgrades anymore.
    If the goal is to encourage players to spend more money. The reward for players you do spend more money is a very real advantage.
    I have a limited number of star tires so I save them for important races which I want more advantage to increase my chance of winning.
    In the current unbalanced situation, star tires almost gurantee you a win unless someone else is also on star tires, or you play very poorly. If you set the race up well, you can even lose your connection or get interruped and stop paying attention to the game and probably still win.
    I thought the talk about upgraded parts included tires. if it didn't, it should have.

    Previous update
    End time of season.
    Commented about this elsewhere, but is worth including here.
    With only one end time to choose from for a season, whoever is awake at the time the season ends has advantage over everyone who sleeps then.
    You can look at the standings and keep racing, while everyone who's sleeping has no chance to race again and try to hold their spot.
    Two end times 12 hours apart is fair since it gives almost everyone a chance to choose an end time for their season when they're awake.
    There must be a simple way to give players a choice of season end time so they can end their season when they're awake so they don't lose their first place spot while they sleep.

    I'm sitting here with time to race a series but no ticket to race it with so I have time to do all this typing.
    If you have a goal to encourage players to spend more time in the forum, goal achieved.

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