Hello UGP fans

Next week (Kalender week 7) we will perform a big update for which we want to offer an overview now:

Operation manager
With the operation manager you can produce components that last even longer because they are produced with a higher starting condition. The better the operation manager, the higher the condition of the newly produced components.
More staff members are waiting for you in the next updates.

Help with the strategy setup
The information how many rounds the tyres will most likely last is now better displayed. During free training the values are highlighted, and they are displayed after each session. They are also shown directly during the strategy setup as long as you have already driven a free training with the selected tyres.

Balancing changes
For heavy rain we have reduced the performance of the intermediate tyres slightly. Some users have complained that they were unrealistic in heavy rain, and rightly so.
On some tracks we have reduced the number of rounds driven, so that the races a little shorter and hopefully even more exciting.

Other changes
  • Do you want to save time and start your races quicker? Now you can optimize your setup before a race or refill your drivers’ energy by watching a quick advertisement spot.
  • You can now rename your drivers and assign a different nationality. Their contracts are now extendable an unlimited amount of times.
  • The delay between hitting the button and the actual start of an action or tactical change has been reduced significantly. This way you can influence the race even more directly.
  • Other managers and computer opponents are now even easier to tell apart during a race as the markers are slightly greyed out for computer drivers.
  • An additional Hall of Fame category was added as well as 3 new achievements.
  • Seasons now start right after entering. There is no wait time anymore until at least 10 users have joined. This means your races now count right away for the new season.

We hope you enjoy the changes!
Your UnitedGP team