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Thread: Upcoming updates with many new features

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    Upcoming updates with many new features

    Hello UGP fans

    In December and January we will perform larger updates that we want to introduce already. Here is what you can expect:

    Besides the driver you can hire other staff. You can train your staff members, negotiate their salary and search on the staff market. The first new type of staff will be the pit crew. Their skill influences the duration of your pit stops and the error probability. In the new year we will also add an engineer, the production lead and other staff members to complete your racing team.

    Racing series
    Besides the seasons you have the option to take part in racing series. As with seasons you compete against other managers to collect racing points. The difference to seasons is that a racing series is not connected to the track changes, so that the set number of races can be driven in a very short time. A racing series is especially exciting as you only have one try for each race. The racing series run parallel to seasons, so your career races count for both.

    Advertisement videos
    Do you want to save time and start your races without first optimizing your setup and taking care of your drivers’ fitness? Then you can look forward to the next year, because with the new version that we are publishing in January you will have the option to optimize your setup and fill your drivers’ energy before a race by watching a short advertisement video. Those videos are fully optional, no one has to watch them!

    Other changes
    • The free training will be less expensive and only costs 100 credits each. You will also receive three driver comments instead of two per session. The option to start free training with STARS will be removed.
    • The price for the driver training will be reset after each training, not only after driving a race.
    • The mystery box will keep paying out tickets, but not when you already have 20 or more tickets. This raises the chance to receive items you can use.
    • If you have not been online for more than two days, the staff contracts will be reset. That way only 2 days of the contract duration will have passed in any case.

    We wish you good luck and many victories!
    Your UnitedGP team
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