Hello managers,

next week we will perform a large update for UnitedGP. Besides a new feature we offer a range of interesting changes.
Here an overview of all changes:

Custom races
Besides the career races that are important for the progress of your racing team, you can now also drive private or public individual races. As host of a race you can set the track, weather and number of rounds. As special kick a handicap system is offered, so that all participants are equally strong and the strategy decides. The setup is optimized automatically for all teams, so that the races begin quickly.
Private races don’t give racing points or experience and in return your components are not worn down either. The starting tire and the tire used during the first pit stop are free as well and added automatically. As reward all participants earn credits based on their race result. Each car also has a 10% chance to earn a research point.
Participation costs one ticket. You can purchase tickets, and you receive a free ticket 24 hours after participating in a custom race.

New quest system
The quest system has been reworked. Quests now have a difficulty rating. The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward. As previously you can earn credits and STARS.

Additional achievement
With the addition of the custom races there are also new achievements to earn. Just take a look at them and earn a few extra STARS.

Extension of the Hall of Fame
There are two new categories in the Hall of Fame that also relate to the custom races.

Adjustment of the race tracks
The calculation of the race tracks has been adjusted so that there are fewer tracks that are rated as “very slow”.

Adjustment of the sponsor payments
Sponsor payments are now linear. Therefore it does not matter if the money is collected every hour or every eight hours.

The update also includes improvements that make UnitedGP faster and more stable.

We hope you enjoy the update!

Your UnitedGP team