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Thread: Match making update - August 12th

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    Match making update - August 12th

    Hello managers

    Tomorrow we will implement a few changes that mainly effect the match making in UnitedGP
    Here an overview of the changes:

    Match making: Level range
    We have reduced the maximum level range for a race. The level of all drivers can now differ no more than 8 levels from the level of the manager that opened the race lobby (previously 10). If the servers are very busy and with that many drivers in races, the range is reduced even further.

    Match making: Computer opponents
    We have adjusted the performance of the computer opponents so that they now have a similar strength as the drivers participating in the race. A handicap system is used here that reduces the strength of the computer opponents if they are too strong.

    Match making: Ace and Legend together
    Since the last update managers in the classes Ace and Legend drive their races together. Many have asked if that is fair. As the match making is done solely based on the level of the participating managers, no problems arise from this. The result of this change is only that the chance to have real opponents is higher so that you can drive more exciting races.

    Performance points in live races
    After the update the performance points of all participating cars are shown during the race. Other than in the garage here the deviation from the ideal setup, the driver talent and activated actions are accounted for as well. Careful: This display is only visible in the browser right after the update. For the iPad we are expecting the appstore approval sometime next week.

    Driver overview in the lobby
    After the update you will not see how many real drivers are currently waiting in the race lobby. The overview was added for informational purposes for all drivers, but sadly many managers have used it to force races against more computer opponents. This change should lead to races with more real drivers.
    It will still be possible to leave the lobby during match making. (Unfortunately this change will also be active on the iPad only after the apple submission has been approved)

    We wish you many great races with the new version!

    Your UnitedGP team
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