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Thread: FAQ (tips, hints and help)

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    I have not been able to race for 2 days on 2 tracks because it said tryre {tire} strategy does not match rules I have change everything that I can still cant race

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    If it was a race in dry condition you HAVE to use red AND yellow tires.

    These are the (Formula 1) rules.

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    What about the top-speed driver action. It states -10% durability. But this does not seem to be a "flat" penalty since I just used the ability 5 times during a race and the components did not lose 50%. So I guess it means 10% faster loss of durability while active?

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    A lot of good advice but also a lot of it seems old and out dated to be of any value - maybe a review needed?

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    Nice thread, everyone should read this at least once

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    Thanks! Very informative and useful.

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