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Thread: FAQ (tips, hints and help)

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    FAQ (tips, hints and help)

    Here are some of the most FAQ's with answers provided by the community.

    Is it just me or is this game unbalanced?
    The important thing to remember is that this is a management game, not a race simulator. So with that in mind, you should be thinking not about coming first but how to work your way to the top. Use your intelligence, develop strategies, think smart... be a race team manager!

    Having said that; there are plenty of managers who get to high levels yet refuse to move up a Class. They will make life difficult but they are not unbeatable. So don't lose hope. Believe you are better than these managers and prove it.

    The balance can look big at first but every single racer can get to the top. This game is not about matching you with like level opponents, so don't feel too bad about getting beat by the big boys at first. It just takes time.

    And don't enter the season all the time, stay at the lower class and build up your level before you get promoted to ACE and LEGEND.


    How can I make money faster?
    For PRO class managers - "Buy only the lowest tier parts for your car or two tiers beyond your current part tiers. Don't waste your money on buying the newest tier when you level up. Save the money to invest in at least a 35 days contract driver. By doing this you will keep racing and levelling up.

    Once you have a good contract driver use that driver only. Don't refill his energy but level up the driver instead.

    Don't try to win the race all the time. The way to make money at this stage is simple; defence is your best offence when you are placed in with experienced drivers. Other managers may have the best cars and confidence to win but they may not have the best driver. The key is having the best driver no matter how fast your car.

    Your target is always to hit your race target and not victories. Qualifying is very important. Try to get at least second. Once race start remember to use defence!"

    Don't spend big and race defensively.

    For ACE class managers - I will explain my own strategy for ACE but there are at least 3 subtlety different ways to keep racing without running out of money.

    Basics first - Drivers are always key. Never in this game use bad/cheap drivers. Always focus on getting your drivers to full spec. It doesn't matter so much about the type of driver, just get him up to peak performance. Priority is "Precision>Reaction>Endurance".

    Next - The idea now is to have two different car set ups between the two race cars (with two good drivers). In essence you will have 1 race car and 1 car that goes around the track using spare parts. Use the driver that is best suited to the track in the lead car.

    The goal is for Car 1 to reach race target with minimum damage and for Car 2 to keep the race target from getting too high to achieve (but not finishing too low as not to be making any money at all).

    In the race never use attack (or very rarely if you can't control that racing urge) and don't defend. Leave those actions alone. The only time you should use defence is at the race start but this is optional. By the time you get 50% into the 1st lap you should be on normal mode.

    You should aim to use long-life oil if you feel you are on target for the race. Avoid using "full-throttle", use it only on fast tracks and only when needed. The idea is to make the car parts last as long as possible.

    That is how the money is made, you buy parts and get a profit from them by using them for 7 - 10 races per part.

    Sell only when they reach red or close to red. Feel free to use stars when they reach red damage as you will more than double your profit margin on that part (not to mention be much faster).

    This will be your daily routine. But at the same time you have to do well in the season because there is so much bonus money there to be won.

    So at some point you will use the money harvested to buy all the top tier parts available for your car (you will not use these new parts as part of your normal race, they are for special moments only).

    When you feel the competitors are at their weakest (not many high level managers online in the last few races) you will run both cars at peak performance for only 1 to 3 races. This is because you need both cars to score high points to gain a good position in the season rankings.

    Go flat out to get the cars in position 1 and 2 ("full-throttle" allowed). Do your best to get the best result while your precious parts are on the line. But be aware, if you see a manager who is stronger than you, throw the race away, do not attempt to beat him. Just use long-life oil and wait for the next race. You may have better luck in the matchmaking.

    And finally; tyres - I found that it's best to qualify on a set of premiums but when possible, use the cheap tyres for the other pit stops. You can change the tyres during the race so if you feel you need premium tyres to get your race target then change the tyre choice in race. Car two is always on cheap tyres. And he is always using longlife-oil

    For LEGEND class managers - By the time you reach LEGEND you should have your own ideas about how to race.

    Why does this crap always freeze during a race? It's not my connection
    This is usually down to the device or browser you are using. Try the basics - try a different browser/clear cache, reset device etc.

    If problem persists, report it here Bugs and issues

    Why is the game not counting ALL my race points?
    "In PRO you drive one car, and counts the 3 best races so 25x3=75 points is the maximum.
    In ACE you can drive TWO and counts the 5 best races so 43x5=215 points is the maximum.
    LEGEND is the same."


    How do I get more actions in the race?
    "All these driver actions can be unlocked in ''RESEARCH'' menu. You can raise the number of actions that can be used in a race by unlocking the "More actions" researches."

    What driver trait is the best to hire?
    There is no right answer. Some say;

    1) Slow track driver
    2) Wet track driver
    3) Coolness
    4) Fast track driver
    5) Heat master


    1) Coolness
    2) Slow track driver
    3) Wet track driver
    4) Fast track driver
    5) Heat master

    The top 3 seem to be closely matched due to fast and hot tracks being rare tracks.


    What happens when my driver contract ends?
    You will have the option to renew contract or release him.

    Renew costs 250 stars but his contract will be -10 days from his original contract (e.g. 50 day driver will renew for 40 days).
    Max 3 times renewal.


    Lower the speed setting in the "Pit Stop Strategy" area.

    Why does the car set-up change after every race? The devs are robbing us!
    Car components get damaged after each race and this has an effect on the setup. After every single race you will find you need to make small adjustments.

    This is the same situation for all managers.

    What does "Reset: bonus 3000 Stars" actually mean?
    You lose everything you gained so far. The only thing that remains is your achievement progress.

    But you do get 3000 stars for doing it.


    What actions should I use and when to use them?
    Actions depend on a number of variables. What is the current track type what state is your car and tyres,what is your pit strategy, what level your drivers energy is, who are you racing against.

    Reading the descriptions in the research tree shows the actions plus and negative points. Certain actions will damage your car and therefore give you less races from your current parts.
    Bear in mind also, actions will give you a quick couple of laps but may also cause your car to be slower for the rest of the race due to the damage they may cause.

    Understand the track.
    Is the track a tight twisty track with no straights, or has it got long straights with just a few corners. Certain actions will be a lot more effective if used on the right track.

    Look after your tyres. Pushing them to far between pit stops can ruin your whole race plan. As can constantly using actions that will wears down tyres faster.
    Read race report to see tyre wear for each lap and compare lap times for what action you used on what laps.

    Watch other managers.
    Look to see what managers above you might have done differently to you.
    What pit stops and tyres they used. And look at their car and drivers stats to see if you have a chance to challenge them or not before the race starts.


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    This is great - keep on building this and we will have future winners and long term players in no time at all.

    Well done mate!


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    Nice job putting all info together.

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    Very helpful and quite precise this thread, especially for new users, but not only!
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    Thanks for this post. Great info and tips.

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    Updated to address incoming update.

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    Thanks, really useful tips

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