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Thread: VERY IMPORTANT:i hope reading my suggestion and try to make it

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    Question VERY IMPORTANT:i hope reading my suggestion and try to make it

    i ask about why the game dosent have many players and i found solution :
    1_ why i must have Staff mechanic if he cant repair my engine we all know that every players spent many and many coins to make new parts like engine and body and wings and many other parts but i think if. u fix your game and make mechanic and staff that i hire them can fix my car parts after every race it will be very good so i can hire good staff or make staff hire for once but i think first choice is better make staff repair my car parts so every player can race many and many and the game will get more players
    2_ about the drivers i hope u find good solution to them why when i need to renew with the driver after i training him why i must renew with stars why i cant renew with him for coins (money) or make him hire for once make me hire him for stars but hire him for once and he cant left me he will be with me always

    this is the 2 suggestion i want to say and i hope the game team can make them i hope so because me one of most players hate the game because of this 2 things

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    Hey Ebrahim,
    thaks for the feedback. Unfortunately we don't have the manpower at the moment to make such big changes. On the other hand I also need to point out, that you want to make pay-features free-features. UGP is a multiplayer game which generates huge server costs that need to be covered. Removing these two core pay-features would mean to kill the game basically...

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