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Thread: Wear parts and Production

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    Question Wear parts and Production

    I have concerns seriously and it starts bored.
    I am currently Ace 2, and I have to go shopping for 14, 15 see 16 laps.
    The first concern is that between wear exaggerated part and the manufacturing time. I am unable to finish a series of races without 3/4 bumpy parts.
    In addition, the manufacturing time is passing hour. I do not even know for continued replace parts because now you have to manage two vehicles.
    The second concern is that there is no real statégie. And suddenly, I'm bored.
    When you have a car in perfect condition, just do one stop and managed with pneumatic tires of the economy to win.
    Conversely, a car with worn parts. It will be enough to make 2 stops and clicked on the speed boost. See 3 in the race to win.

    For the second concern, you can not do much about I admit, I needed to give my opinion on this.
    For the first concern by cons, how can I fix this? There must see something I do not do well to find me with a dead car almost at the end of the 4 races.

    PS: Sorry for the poor quality of English but it's not my basic language and I do my best to write this text

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    Hi Jeepy02, I will try to give you some tips.

    1. It is not easy to be a good manager in this game and that is good.
    2. The way to become a good manager is hard and long. Give you this time to learn.
    3. You can not win each race(if you don't have endless money). Learn to accept this.
    4. You are not good enough until you have the research tree complete free.
    5. You need own drivers and you have to buy licenses for them with stars if you will keep competitive.
    6. Don't try to drive each race with complete healthy cars, mix new parts with used parts.
    7. Study parts to find out which parts are the best for most(each) track(s).
    8. Study actions first and then use them wise.
    9. Study other drivers in your races and learn from them.
    10. Find the optimal setting before each race if you have changed parts.
    11. After a while you get more and more experience and you will be better and better.
    12. Car parts, actions and tyres are your strategic weapons and it takes time to learn how to use them perfectly.
    13. Be patient until you have reached Lvl 99 and become legend.
    14. Use money only for stars(and to count to the best racers you have to use money) and to support this fantastic game.

    I hope these tips can help you a little bit to find your place in this game.
    Excuse my English but it is not my first language.
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    Hi Tim Teckler,,

    thank you for your reply.
    I struggle to manage vehicle parts. For the rest, I really do not worry.
    I just found that there is no difficulty. I'll wait to reach the top level as you suggest me. Maybe there will be strong resistance later.

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