Hi everyone

Next week we will do a balancing update for the game. We have also brought the tablet versions up-to-date. The following adjustments have been made:

- the positive effect of the red and blue premium tyres we be doubled (approximately)
- the prize of the red and blue premium tyres will be adjusted to 20 Stars
- green and yellow premium tyres can now be purchased for 12 research points or 100 Stars
- the number of green and yellow premium tyres in the mystery toolbox will be increased (from 2/3/5 to 3/4/5)
- the effect of component upgrades will be increased
- Tips&Tricks area on the loading screens
- the tyre shop shows the performance of the tyres in different weather conditions
- the production time of the components will be adjusted back up to the level before the last update
- opponents with worn tyres (red area) will now be passed without issues
- "Manager of the day" will be shown in header
- the racing simulation now runs 10% faster

There are a few things here that we would like to explain:
The last update with the needed adjustments of the matchmaking (by class) and the changes for production times and upgrade effects have led to the game becoming "to fair". This means: The advantage for the users that are financially investing into the game became too small. And even more: There was barely any reason to spend any Stars after the update. This has let to the effect that some users kept racking up high star balances without a place to spend them. So, to balance this out we had to increase the pressure again so that the non-pay users have a reason to user their Stars up. This seems to be a more reasonable option than to increase the prices. At the same we are rewarding the pay-users by improving the bonuses of the premium items.