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Thread: sale of stars

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    sale of stars


    I have payed 9,90 for 4100 stars but got just 3100 and it was for sale from 29 -8 2016 until 30-8-2016
    4100 stars for the same amound of 3100 ?????

    Is there something wrong here???
    Guys and girls help me i want mine extra stars please!!!

    talk to racedriver AJ cooper

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    Hi, we had no sale between that time period. The sale was active this saturday and sunday (we had some display issues on the tablet version though).
    Do you play on the tablet or in the browser?

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    On iPad tablet, there was no reduction in price or increase in number of stars for the regular price, I thought it would be corrected and I would order stars, but it seems it never was corrected. Is that correct? Will the discount be made available to tablet users?

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    I just checked your logs and you received 1000 bonus stars (4000 instead of 3000). Where did you see the numbers 3100 and 4100? You're playing on an iPad, right?
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