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Thread: piege à étoiles

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    piege à étoiles

    je viens de me faire piéger en voulant acheter des etoiles.
    je me suis rendu sur une page et plutot que de voir le cout des étoiles, le systéme m'a pris 3000 etoiles et a du me créditer d'une certaine somme.
    Je suis "furieux" car je ne pourrais jamais reconstituer mon total de 4746 étoiles

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    Hello and welcome to the forum,

    Can you please post your question using English language, or even better, contact support through the in game option using your own language.
    If this is about reset bonus, reset bonuses were reduced drastically.

    PRO: 1500 -> 500
    ACE: 3000 ->750
    LEGEND: 5000 -> 1000

    Google translator:

    Bonjour et bienvenue sur le forum,

    Pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît poser votre question en utilisant la langue anglaise, ou même un meilleur support de contact à travers l'en option de jeu en utilisant votre propre langue.

    Thank you.

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    you advised me to speak to the helpline . I did it and so far I have no answer. I had already written to an email address problem also unanswered
    Below text addressed
    I just got trapped wanting to buy the stars .
    I went on a page rather than see the cost of the star , the star system took me 3000 and the crediting me a certain amount .
    I'm " angry " because I could never restore my total of 4746 stars
    So I ask you to cancel this transaction and thank you in advance
    Have a good day

    I already sent you two unanswered requests by the internédiaire your mails generator.

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    French support answered you on 24.08. 15:24h UTC. Please check your spam/junk folder..

    I can't see any purchases made for your account "pierre33", if that's the problem?


    You had another account in UGP some time before and you want to restore STARS from that account?

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    My problem concerns a manipulation on the main page in the navy blue colone stars that shows that my email address was invalid .
    I accidentally made ​​the choice of the "C" column that offered me the shop. Without further explanation I chose to purchase 3,000 * for $ 400000
    I reminds you what I did this deal because I can not buy anything because of the problem expressed
    I have nothing in spam , I 've never done shopping and I have no other account , I only play recently


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    Ohh i get it now, you accidentally bought 460k credits for 3000 STARS, this action is now reversed.

    3000 STARS was awarded and 460 000 credits was debited from your account.

    I hope that's what you wanted.

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    Thank you for your response and for correcting my mistake , that's what I wanted.
    Nevertheless I still do not know how to buy , because it seems to me that the problem with my email address is not resolved.
    I also speak to the technica support.
    Thank you

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    In order to use STARS shop you need to connect/register your email address with your UGP account.
    Go to settings, select button "email/password" and enter your email address.
    After that you will receive activation mail with the link, click on that link and you will be ready to use STARS shop.

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    what happens if you resend the activation mail to you adress? Don't you receive a new activation email from our system?

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